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Wrestling Attwood

Wrestling Attwood classes at The Mint is nothing like your average gym. Wrestling is all about respect. You learn how to respect your instructor, your training buddies and your adversaries. That respectbuilds a bond and everybody in the trainingcentre builds relationships based on mutual respect. All this while you grow stronger, fitter and more focussed!

In a normal gym, there are various types of machines and equipment that focus on toning different muscles while burning calories. Some burn calories faster than others, however no fitness machine can build muscles or burn calories like wrestling Attwood. Grappling, punching and kicking target more muscles than running on a treadmill, cycling on a stationary bicycle, or lifting weights and also let you have better balance, nimble feet and quicker reflexes. Your torsogets into better shape and your stamina increases. Indeed, even non-contact classes, similar to the wrestling Attwood classes we offer, are intense. You end up burning more calories in a shorter timeframe, making your exercise more time-effective.

The Mint wrestling Attwood program offers high intensity training in a short interval of time making it very effective. Unlike a gymworkout that focuses around just one or two types of exercises, wrestling Attwood program coversstrength, aerobic and metabolic conditioning building yourendurance, strength, agility, power and much more.

As you learn and master these skills, you become more confident. Once you progress in the Mint wrestling Attwood program, you realize your potential and that you can do anything you put your mind to. Realizing that you can deal with whatever life tosses at you with your fighting spirit andwrestling Attwood abilities has a major effect throughout everyday life. Individuals sense your confidence, enablingyou to achieve more in different parts of your life.

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Our Coach is the new European Champion!

Well done to David Younan who is the new European Champion, winning the final via a submission. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to compete at the 2014 Abu Dhabi BJJ World Pro Championships.


Paul is the new Vic Champ!

Congratulations to Paul ‘The Silver Bullet’ for winning the Victorian Championships. Well done!

‘The Red Baron’ Michael Howard

Red Baron gets a down in a debut!

Thank you to everyone for coming out and supporting us. It was certainly a successful night for The Mint with ‘The Red Baron’ Michael Howard picking up a unanimous points decision after dropping his opponent with leg kicks in the second round.

Sparring time at The Mint MMA

Sparring Time!

These sparring sessions are what the martial spirit is about, hard and uncompromising inside the ring, friendly outside.

Rob and Jihad have lost a combined weight of 65kg!

That’s a Welterweight!

Well done to Rob and Jihad who combined have lost 65kg! since starting training.

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