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Boxing training and its High Intensity Interval Training nature makes it ideal for fat loss and weight control.

However, nothing compares in its fat burning capacity to kicking. Kicking expands generally 60% more energy, and combined with the resistance of kicking a kick shield, pads or a pad, this makes it an ideal instrument for shedding those kilos.

Read through some of our clients’ testimonials, who through the combination of punching and kicking, soon found themselves proud owners of new more streamlined and muscular physiques.


Hi my name is Kelly I am a 35-year-old mother of two young boys.

Approximately eight months ago I started at Mint Martial Arts with no particular goal in mind. If I could get a little fitter, it would be great, if i lost a little weight that would be a bonus.

After my first session, I realized how unfit I actually was, but I went back again, and again, and again. I absolutely loved it. The people in the classes are all friendly, male and female all having a good time while getting fit.

Getting taught how to throw punches how to stand, how to kick, how to put them all together was something I was really enjoying.

Within the first three weeks of me starting boxing/kickboxing I had noticed my body changing dramatically. My arms, legs and particularly my stomach were already showing muscle definition, I couldn’t believe that I could notice these changes to my body in such a short time. I was thrilled.

I have now been attending Mint Martial Arts for eight months, now joining into the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes that are just exhilarating. Can’t wait for my next class.


Hello my name is Darren.

I am 39 years old and I started at Mint MMA in approx. November 2011. I wanted to try something different and had been at a gym where I did other forms of workouts and there wasn’t any motivation for me to continue there.

I thought I would give Mint MMA a try and see if it would be the motivation I needed for my fitness.

After my first session of a hard 50 minute workout, I found out how unfit I actually was. I thought this is what I want to do. I was worked extremely hard in this session and knew this was the motivation that would keep my fitness and mind going.

I went back for a second and third session and was really enjoying the workouts Thomas was giving me. He knew my fitness level and knew how to work to my level of fitness.

After about 3 – 4 weeks of me attending these sessions 3 times a week, I ended up joining my whole family as members. My 2 children aged 6 and 8 started attending a Saturday morning session and the change in their fitness is amazing.

They now attend at least 2 times a week. Their fitness has improved so much that it shows in the other sports they play. Attending these sessions for my children has not only improved their fitness but also given them a self-belief in confidence in themselves.

Now having been at the Mint MMA for 7 months, I have become very familiar with the environment of the Mint MMA and the friendliness of the other members that also attend. Within myself, my co- ordination and flexibility has improved dramatically. I really look forward to learning more of what Thomas has to show me.

I would recommend the Mint MMA to anyone that asks me about it.

I would like to thank Thomas for the hard work he has put my family and I. I know it always hasn’t been easy for Thomas to work with me.

I know we all will be with the Mint MMA for a long time to come.

Darren Reardon.


Testimonial for Tom and the Mint Martial Arts and Fitness.

I first went to The Mint Martial Arts and Fitness Gym about 6 months ago after several friends recommended it. At 55 years of age I thought that it would be too difficult to reach and maintain the required level of fitness to participate.

Since starting boxing and fitness classes at The Mint Martial Arts and Fitness, I have dropped weight and improved my overall cardio fitness dramatically. It has been years since I have felt as fit as I do despite going to a several gyms throughout Melbourne.

Tom’s classes are terrific. He accommodates for each participants’ skill and fitness level in each session. The classes are fun, varied and challenging. Classes work on developing functional muscle use, core strength and aerobic fitness. Classes are friendly and often structured in small group activities.

Improvements in my hand /eye coordination, stamina and boxing skills have been surprisingly quick even at my age.

I strongly recommend to anyone contemplating improving their overall fitness or for losing weight that they go to The Mint Martial Arts and attend one of Tom’s free classes.

Thanks Tom,

Michael Marinov.


Sean Montalto

I am 23 years old and decided to try out Mint MMA as it was pretty close to home, and needed to get fit and improve on my skills. The first thing I noticed about these classes are that they are fun! When I used to go to a local gym to do weights it felt like a chore. Mint martial arts is something I now look forward to. Besides the obvious weight loss and health benefits that the classes offer, I attend more for the physical training aspect. I have trained in Muay Thai/Kickboxing in the past at other gyms but nothing motivates me like Mint.

The different drills that Thomasz puts us through really fast tracks our fitness and technique. I am seeing my roundhouse kicks and other strikes improving a lot faster than at other gyms. The equipment is also very new and comfortable to train in. The great thing about Mint MMA is that you get access to a range of different styles with the membership. Whether your going for fitness/lose weight, or to learn self defense, there are plenty of classes to choose from.

I train 4-5x per week and I plan to keep it up. It’s something I look forward to!”


Hi, My name is Ian, I am 48 years old, I have been training in Martial Arts for 6 years.

I started after talking to a friend who was training in Muay Thai & Karate, I joined the same Dojo as him and found that I enjoyed it greatly, I spent more than 5 years at the same place, but found that the intensity had dropped off & I became more disappointed with each training session.

In September 2011 I called into The Mint Martial Arts in Craigieburn to have a look at the place , 2 days later I had my first training session there and was very satisfied with the intensity of the training & the level dedication that Tomasz has towards his students.

In March 2012 I modified My diet and saw My weight decrease from 108kg to 96 kg in around 4 months, My fitness level has increased greatly and I am feeling great.

I usually have 3 x 1 hour sessions (sometimes a 2 hour session) per week at The Mint Martial Arts and have met some great people in the process.

I highly recommend calling in and having a talk with Tomasz if this type of fitness activity interests you, I would be more than happy to talk to you personally about My Experience at The Mint Martial Arts.

Thanks for reading My story, hope to see You at TMMA


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