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Fitness Broadmeadows

Individuals who are physically fit are capable of living life to its fullest and are not prone to heart and other medical issues. In order to maintain a healthy body and relaxed state of mind, a person should be physically active and The Mint Martial Arts fitness Broadmeadows program is the perfect way to go about it.

Fitness is not just about exercising but also includes adopting healthier dietary and lifestyle choices. The Mint Martial Arts fitness Broadmeadows program provides you a comprehensive fitness strategy by suggesting simple but effective exercise routines along with personalised dietary advice and interactive sessions with our experts to improve your wellbeing. We are an indoor group fitness and wellbeing program created for people of all age groups. Our fitness Broadmeadows program is designed to help you achieve and maintain a healthy body and mind, in a safe, fun, accessible and friendly environment using techniques from various different styles and contact sports.

What makes our fitness Broadmeadows program different?

We understand that the meaning and level of fitness differs from individual to individual. That is why our fitness Broadmeadows experts work with each client individually to offer them a fitness plan to suit their preferences. We have multiple sessions running at different times of the day so you can conveniently book in, show up and follow the workout. We continuously adapt and create proven workouts with a challenging mix of cardio, interval and strength training to help you burn fat, build strength and feel great with guaranteed results.

You will be guided by experienced and supportive fitness Broadmeadows instructors in a non-intimidating group fitness session, where you’ll always feel connected. We strive to keep our fitness Broadmeadows sessions fun and interesting, so you enjoy the feeling of being fit.

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Latest posts


Our Coach is the new European Champion!

Well done to David Younan who is the new European Champion, winning the final via a submission. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to compete at the 2014 Abu Dhabi BJJ World Pro Championships.


Paul is the new Vic Champ!

Congratulations to Paul ‘The Silver Bullet’ for winning the Victorian Championships. Well done!

‘The Red Baron’ Michael Howard

Red Baron gets a down in a debut!

Thank you to everyone for coming out and supporting us. It was certainly a successful night for The Mint with ‘The Red Baron’ Michael Howard picking up a unanimous points decision after dropping his opponent with leg kicks in the second round.

Sparring time at The Mint MMA

Sparring Time!

These sparring sessions are what the martial spirit is about, hard and uncompromising inside the ring, friendly outside.

Rob and Jihad have lost a combined weight of 65kg!

That’s a Welterweight!

Well done to Rob and Jihad who combined have lost 65kg! since starting training.

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