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Brazilian jiujitsu Attwood

The Mint Martial Arts offers the best Brazilian jiujitsu Attwood classes forbeginners to intermediate and experienced fighters, with practice bouts and special training sessions with experienced Brazilian jiujitsu Attwood specialists.

Originating from Brazil in South America, Brazilian jiujitsuis a hand to hand fighting style that requires genuine passion and raw energy. Similar to many other forms of martial arts, Brazilian jiujitsu Attwood program offers extensive training that sculpts and tones your physique as you build incredible strength, agility, and fitness.

If you need to learn something, it makes sense that you do it from somebody who has achieved distinction in that specific field. This is particularly the situation with regards to Brazilian jiujitsu Attwood hand to hand fighting. Our Brazilian jiujitsu Attwood trainers are seasoned fighters that have been training and fighting under reputed experts and are dedicated to passing on the knowledge to future generation of Brazilian jiujitsu Attwood fighters. That is the reason in the event that you are planning to train in Brazilian jiujitsu in Melbourne, you must contact The Mint Martial Arts.

The Mint Martial Arts Brazilian jiujitsu Attwood program offers world class coaching at every level, imparting combat driven self-defence techniques and strategies to build more power, speed and agility. Beside building muscle and reducing fat, Brazilian jiujitsu Attwood is effective in building other valuable life skills like confidence, focus, discipline and patience making it great for children as well as boys and girls of all ages.
We at Mint Martial Arts we aim to create a safe, clean and enjoyable environment with a focussed,innovative and result oriented approach involving proven Brazilian jiujitsu Attwood systems and techniques.
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Our Coach is the new European Champion!

Well done to David Younan who is the new European Champion, winning the final via a submission. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to compete at the 2014 Abu Dhabi BJJ World Pro Championships.


Paul is the new Vic Champ!

Congratulations to Paul ‘The Silver Bullet’ for winning the Victorian Championships. Well done!

‘The Red Baron’ Michael Howard

Red Baron gets a down in a debut!

Thank you to everyone for coming out and supporting us. It was certainly a successful night for The Mint with ‘The Red Baron’ Michael Howard picking up a unanimous points decision after dropping his opponent with leg kicks in the second round.

Sparring time at The Mint MMA

Sparring Time!

These sparring sessions are what the martial spirit is about, hard and uncompromising inside the ring, friendly outside.

Rob and Jihad have lost a combined weight of 65kg!

That’s a Welterweight!

Well done to Rob and Jihad who combined have lost 65kg! since starting training.

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