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BJJ Greenvale

Hand to hand fighting has been popular in a wide range of parts of the world from Europe, Africa, Asia, and to the Americas. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) is an incredible martial arts form that is an off shoot of Japanese Jujitsu otherwise called Japanese koryu. These fighting styles were utilized as an alternative method for protection by warriors in the event that they dropped or lost their weapon. With time BJJ evolved into an incredible fighting style for self-protection and personal development.

BJJ Greenvale is a contact sport and offers you a complete understanding of wrestling, Judo and Jiu-Jitsu techniques. Similar to other hand to hand fighting styles, BJJ Greenvale requires complete focus and dedication and regular set of exercises to shape and tone you physically and develop enhanced mental abilities like patience, concentration and motivation. BJJ Greenvale at the Mint Martial Arts is affiliated with the Australian Elite Team, which is the number 1 ranked Brazilian Jiu-jitsu team in Victoria.

If you want to learn more about Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and want to opt for beginner level BJJ Greenvale lessons, come to Mint Martial Arts to meet one of our BJJ Greenvale experts and be a part of a freshers’ batch. If you have a previous background in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu at intermediate or advance level, you will love the setup and BJJ Greenvale expert training program and world class training on offer.

We believe that everybody – from learner to ready to fight BJJ Greenvale enthusiast – merits proficient professional training. That is the reason we give the absolute best facility to those hoping to take an interest in BJJ Greenvale. For the absolute best instructing, get in touch with us to discover more.

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Our Coach is the new European Champion!

Well done to David Younan who is the new European Champion, winning the final via a submission. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to compete at the 2014 Abu Dhabi BJJ World Pro Championships.


Paul is the new Vic Champ!

Congratulations to Paul ‘The Silver Bullet’ for winning the Victorian Championships. Well done!

‘The Red Baron’ Michael Howard

Red Baron gets a down in a debut!

Thank you to everyone for coming out and supporting us. It was certainly a successful night for The Mint with ‘The Red Baron’ Michael Howard picking up a unanimous points decision after dropping his opponent with leg kicks in the second round.

Sparring time at The Mint MMA

Sparring Time!

These sparring sessions are what the martial spirit is about, hard and uncompromising inside the ring, friendly outside.

Rob and Jihad have lost a combined weight of 65kg!

That’s a Welterweight!

Well done to Rob and Jihad who combined have lost 65kg! since starting training.

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